Protect Your Tires This Summer

June 5th, 2018 by

Not many car owners think twice about their tires in the middle of the summer in Richmond, KY. This thought process needs to change quickly if you want to protect your tires and your investment. No one wants to have to replace their tires sooner than recommended because this will just be throwing money down the proverbial drain. Follow these tire care tips from Toyota South this summer.

Check for Damage

You don’t have to be a car aficionado or a technician to know how to check your tires for damage. In fact, it’s quite an easy task to complete and should be done every couple of weeks. If you drive long distances often, you should check for damage every couple of days or right before you head out on your next trip. Look for cuts, nails, screws, rocks and anything else that doesn’t appear to be normal.

Check Pressure

Every driver should know how to check the pressure of their tires. All you need is a tire pressure gauge from your local auto supply store. This tool doesn’t cost much and it will provide a digital reading of the pressure in each tire you test. Keep one of these tools in your glovebox so you can easily check the pressure each month. Make sure the tires have the manufacturer recommended pressure in each one. Don’t forget to check the pressure of the spare tire too. You never know when you will need it.

Tire Rotation

If you have driven anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 miles recently and haven’t had a tire rotation performed, now is the time to bring your Toyota Corolla in for this service. A tire rotation removes the tires and wheels from the car so they can be installed in different positions. This ensures even wear on the treads.

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