My Auto Lease is Coming to an End – Now What?

November 19th, 2018 by

When you lease a Toyota, you are able to drive a brand-new vehicle with lower payments than you would with a purchase. As the time approaches where your lease is ending, you will need to make a choice as to what do to next. If this is your first-time leasing and you are not sure how it works, our staff at Toyota South is available to go over all your options with you. When you come in to see us at our Richmond, KY Toyota dealership, we can go over what happens next.

Buy Your Lease

If you are not ready to give up your Toyota Highlander or Toyota Corolla, you do have the option of buying your lease. This is also a great option if you have gone over your mileage cap and you do not want to have to pay the fees. Our Toyota finance center in Richmond, KY will be happy to go over the paperwork necessary for you to buy your vehicle at the end of your lease agreement.

Trade In Your Lease

If you have had some changes in your driving needs, you do have the option of walking away from your lease when it is up. However, if there is a new Toyota car that you are interested in, you can trade it in for a brand-new model. Our staff at your local Richmond, KY Toyota dealership will be happy to have you take a test drive to find out which one suits you best.

You will find Toyota South conveniently located at 961 Four Mile Road in beautiful Richmond, KY. We have a full inventory of new Toyota cars ready for leasing and we would love to discuss easy Toyota financing. If you have questions regarding pricing and how the end of your lease works, you can call our sales team at (877) 605-0645.

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