Don’t Overspend on Gas This Summer

June 16th, 2018 by

Many drivers wonder how much they will need to spend on gas if they want to hit the road a lot during the summer months. The Richmond, KY, area has so much to offer for those who look for new adventures each day. Be sure to take a long look at the fuel-saving tips the staff at Toyota South recommends in this post so you aren’t going broke at the pump.

Have you ever checked your tire pressure? It’s smart to have a tire pressure gauge in your glovebox so you can check it at-will. Don’t wait until you get an alert that the tire pressure is low in one of your tires. Also, don’t wait until a tire’s treads wear unevenly because there’s too much air in it. All of these issues will cause you to use too much gas, destroying your fuel efficiency.

Don’t forget to check your driving habits at the door. Don’t bring bad driving habits onto the road this summer. This includes screeching your tires from a dead stop and slamming on the brakes too often. When you do either of these you will burn a ton of gas. That’s why you need to check your bad habits each time you are behind the wheel.

If you are like all other drivers, you tend to roll the windows down and let the air take you away. Roll those windows up quickly, especially if you are traveling at speeds of 55 MPH or more. When you drive at this rate of speed with your windows down, you will notice some lag, which causes your engine to work double time, requiring more gas.

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