The Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept

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Here at Toyota South, we’re always excited when a new concept car makes its debut. These models can show us what the new Toyota vehicles of the future will look like and what kind of tech they’ll employ. One particularly interesting concept is the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, which could change how you look at family cars forever.

Many drivers looking for a family vehicle have been opting for crossover models like the 2018 Toyota RAV4 lately, but the minivan is far from dead. This concept from the Toyota brand could help redefine the minivan, making it a more adaptable and eco-friendly choice for many drivers. That’s because this model is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The use of hydrogen means that the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride creates no harmful emissions while you drive, much like the Toyota Mirai. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles aren’t all that common on the road right now, but Toyota engineers are betting that this could change soon. This concept takes just three minutes to refuel, meaning that it can get back on the road quicker than many electric vehicles. It also has an impressive range of 621 miles. That should attract some attention from drivers who are worried that a green car won’t be able to get them to their destination without needing a recharge.

This concept’s exterior is also sure to attract attention. It’s compact and designed in a way to maximize cabin space. Stylish headlights and sharp details make it stand out among other minivans. The interior of the Fine-Comfort Ride offers multiple touch displays that make accessing in-car tech easy.

We can’t wait to see how this concept influences future Toyota models. In the meantime, visit our Toyota dealership near Winchester to check out our selection of unique vehicles. We’ll make it easy to find a new or pre-owned Toyota car that you’ll love!

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