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Keep the Tech Coming in the Toyota Camry

Safety systems in place to alert you to any potential dangers on the road? Check. Everything else from wireless phone chargers to voice-activated entertainment features? Check and check. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing technology available in the new 2015 Toyota Camry that you'll find here at our Richmond, KY dealership. Press play to check it out.

Even with all the fun tech features and the…

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Toyota's Hybrid Lineup Welcomes a New Addition in New York

Drivers in Richmond, KY will be pleased to know that the range of hybrid car options will soon be expanding.

Though we already have a surprisingly extensive selection of eco-friendly options at Toyota South (like the family of Prius models, the Avalon and Camry hybrids, and the powerful Highlander hybrid), it's always great to have choices for all sorts of needs. And we're excited to say that soon, we'll have even more…

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Scion Preps for the Debut of Two New Models

We all know that automakers aren't too great at keeping secrets.

That's why, even though the New York International Auto Show doesn't formally kick off until April 3rd, car fans are already starting to get a trickle of sneak previews from their overeager favorites. But, with fantastic offerings like we'll see from the Scion brand, how could you blame them?

Along with the road-ready models that we know and love, we…

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The Toyota Sienna masters navigation

Life gets in the way of our road trip plans. You sleep through your alarm, struggle to get ready, lose the keys--getting out the door is simply chaotic.  Fortunately, you can brush the road bumps aside before mounting the driver's seat and hitting the road. Lock the door and chaos in it and get behind the wheel of the stress-reducing 2015 Toyota Sienna.

All road trips are made easy at the helm of the…

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Practical yet Adventurous; the 2015 Toyota Rav4

One of the more practical, stylish, and popular SUV models of the past few years has been the Toyota RAV4. And in 2015, with a whole host of style and feature upgrades, we fully expect that trend to continue. For a visual, simply click play below.

As you have seen, many of those upgrades start right on the exterior. With a wide, high-set wheelbase, the model provides agile handling, and all-weather capability. And the dynamic?

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Toyota Prius Presents the Shocking History of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle

There are a ton of Prius models. The Toyota lineup is full of efficient hybrid vehicles. That's because Toyota and Toyota South of Richmond are committed to a greener future. It doesn't hurt paying so much less at the pump, too.

Hybrids first rose to popularity in the 90's, but is that when they were invented? Nope!

In 1900, 38% of all American cars had electric motors. The problem was that the…

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Toyota Sienna is So Cool, our Automaker Calls it the 'Swagger Wagon'

Usually, the words 'cool' and 'minivan' would not belong in the same sentence. But the 2015 version of the Toyota Sienna, it is so well-designed, so cool looking, that it has actually earned the moniker 'swagger wagon' around the Toyota offices. Check out the new ad on the model, below.

Pretty impressive stuff, isn't that? So as you have seen, the interior is as well-equipped as the exterior is stylish. The wraparound dashboard keeps…

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Toyota Makes Eco-Friendliness a Priority

Eco-friendly vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Toyota is partly to thank for that; they have been pioneers in the popularization of green vehicles. In the video below, you can hear some of the people at Toyota share their thoughts on this subject.

This video makes it clear how committed Toyota is to being environmentally conscious. They developed and popularized one of the first hybrid vehicles and then chose to share their technology with…

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Get in to a New Groove with the Toyota Tacoma

There are a few traditions we all have when ringing in the New Year. No matter how they differ they have one aspect in common: we do them to try and encourage good luck in the coming year, so that maybe, just maybe, things get even better. This year, come in to Toyota South and take your fate into your own hands.

The Toyota Tacoma is more than just America's favorite truck, as it…

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