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Toyota Makes Massive Breakthrough in Ethanol Development

When it comes to producing top-quality hybrid vehicles, Toyota is second to none. Just ask anyone here at Toyota South what they think of the hybrid powertrains that the Japanese automaker produces, and they'll tell you it's impossible to go wrong with them! Vehicles like the Toyota Prius, which is quickly growing into a full hybrid lineup, and models like the Toyota Camry Hybrid are paving the way for a new era of green commuting that we think is definitely here to stay.

Of course, a green revolution like this can only continue if serious advancements are made in the realm of sustainable energy, and that's exactly what Toyota is exactly what the people at Toyota have been working on. Recently, they looked to ethanol to fuel the models in their lineup, and now a new yeast (not the kind found in bread) is making this a reality like never before!

More specifically, Toyota is testing the new yeast to better burning alternative fuel. The newly developed yeast can efficiently ferment a form of sugar known as xylose, which is formed when plant fibers are broken down. Furthermore, it's also resistant to fermentation-inhibiting substances, which is another strong trait for alternative fuels.

The fact that this newly developed yeast can achieve among the highest ethanol fermentation levels known speaks highly to its ability to improve bio-fuel quality while also reducing production costs. If all continues according to plan, Toyota should finish making ethanol a commercialized fuel by 2020.

The Toyota Biotechnology and Afforestation Laboratory is also in development of a "cool-spot creation technology" for simulating the cooling effects of shade created by trees, to be used in automobiles.1

For updates on the progress that Toyota is sure to make in this exciting new fuel, be sure to stay tuned. Everyone here at 961 Four Mile Rd Richmond, KY 40475 is dedicated to keeping drivers in the greater Lexington area, and beyond, informed, and as such, we offer a wide range of ways to research your next potential vehicle, whether it be a model like the Toyota Tundra or Toyota Venza.

You can browse our online new Toyota inventory and showroom pages, where you'll find a wide range of info on specific models, as well as info on the used Toyota vehicles that we carry. Furthermore, you can also schedule a test drive on any of the used cars that we carry simply by contacting us or by phone at (866) 981-4921.

Source: 1http://www.torquenews.com/397/toyota-reveals-breakthrough-cellulosic-ethanol-production

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